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In a world full of floral arrangements, nut and cheese assortments, or the most expensive fruit-on-a-stick that money can buy, Booz Box delivers the gift everyone actually wants.


Cashen Moore determined to change the status quo and create gifts that are both fun to give and fun to receive.

To explain Booz Box, we'll need to turn the clock back a few decades to the time our founder Cashen was born into a very unique family. Her father, Cash Moore, had been operating bars and liquor stores for 25 years and now she's continuing his legacy in the liquor industry.

Cash Moore operating liquor stores


Cash Moore putting up billboard


Cashen was obviously introduced to an eccentric lifestyle and quickly started to learn the ins and outs of the business while becoming a staple of advertising for the Cash’s brand.


For more than 20 years she appeared on billboards throughout Florida's Emerald Coast, giving tourists and locals a creative invitation to shop at Cash’s. Anyone that traveled south to Northwest Florida saw and heard about these billboards and immediately became a fan.

After years of learning the liquor business, Cashen felt compelled to share her idea of a unique gift, hand-crafted cocktails, and the years of fun that defined her father's unique brand. So, in January of 2018, Cashen launched Booz Box online.

Cashen Moore as a kid
Cash's Billboard
Cash's Billboard


Booz Box offers hand-built, curated gift and subscription boxes. Each of our wooden presentation boxes is handcrafted in Crestview, Florida. Every Booz Box is packaged by us and includes a handwritten gift note.


If you're an experienced imbiber of spirits or an aspiring alcohol aficionado, our monthly subscription boxes are the perfect way to treat yourself. They even include a tested and perfected drink recipe that promises not to disappoint.

As we grow and our product line expands, we love receiving feedback from our customers, and we hope you Booz Box as your next gift basket.

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