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The Perfect Margarita is Easier than You Think

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

You don't have to be a mixologist to create the perfect margarita. We've crafted it and boxed it, just for you.

While the origins of everyone's favorite cocktail is a bit murky, all we really need to know is tequila, lime, and citrus offer a trifecta of taste.

The Mixer

To reach perfection the margarita needs to start with a great base. Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix is a fail safe way to ensure the tastiest of margs. It contains agave nectar, lime juice, pure filtered water, and vitamin C. That’s it. Stay away from corn syrup loaded sweet and sour mixes! Margarita's are not traditionally that sweet.

The Tequila

Blanco/Silver tequilas reign in a Margarita. They're made for mixing and bring forth fresh floral and grassy aromas with an agave forward taste profile. Blanco tequilas are favored by the experts because they present the true essence of the pure blue agave plants from which they are distilled.

The Citrus

Forget generic triple sec's. Every bad marg you've had definitely used the harsher variety. Cointreau is the superior orange liqueur for a perfect margarita. It balances between bitter and sweet and adds complexity on the finish. Not to mention it has a higher proof. Adding additional lime and orange juice will also provide more tartness to compliment the mixer.

The Additions

If you prefer a sweeter marg adding an additional swirl of agave nectar will do the trick while not masking the flavors with an overload of sugar. Making a salt rim with basic kosher salt will also counteract any bitterness and enhance the sweet and sour notes.

The Perfect Margarita Recipe


1.5oz Blanco Tequila

2oz Tres Agaves Mix

1oz Cointreau Liqueur

Splash of OJ

Squeeze of Lime Juice

Agave Nectar


Combine the tequila, mixer, Cointreau, and splash of OJ in a shaker with ice.

Add agave syrup according to taste/desired sweetness.

Finish with a squeeze of lime juice. Shake and strain over in glass, add ice.

Optional: Rub lime juice around glass rim and dip in kosher salt before pouring margarita.


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